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Am I fertile? When’s the right time to try for a baby?  When should I seek help?  

Could there be a problem stopping me from getting pregnant? It’s time to seek help!

To answer these questions and many others about fertility, AVA Clinic offers you a completely free fertility check-up. Bring us your questions and problems and we will find a solution! 

The check-up is performed during an appointment with one of our fertility nurses and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice about the best solutions for getting pregnant.  If necessary, you will be told about the most common diagnostic tests and exams and you will be referred to a specialist. 

Because everyone is different, our mission is to find a personalised solution to your needs in the welcoming environment of AVA Clinic. If you are referred to our specialists, they will work as a team and give you the guidelines for your specific case.  

The fertility check-up will preferably be conducted on our premises, but it can also be done by phone, at your convenience.  

Schedule your fertility check-up with our assistants by phone on 213 245 000 or by email at  

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