Donating your

Egg donation means giving another woman the chance to fulfil her dream of being a mother.

A single egg donation can be the beginning of a new family longed for by a woman who is not able to conceive naturally with her own eggs. 

There are a number of situations that can cause a woman to need donor eggs:    

  • Cancer treatments that can cause infertility
  • Early menopause (under the age of 45)
  • Poor quality oocytes or repeated failures in previous MAP treatment cycles
  • Insufficient egg reserves
  • Risk of transmission of a genetic or hereditary disease

For these women, the only way of fulfilling their dream of carrying and giving birth to a child is through egg donation by a young, healthy woman.

Egg donation is a legal procedure in Portugal and our law determines that the egg donor will never be considered the progenitor of the born children resulting from her donation (law 32/2006).

The egg donation does not have any effect on the actual or future fertility of the egg donor. After the egg donation process the donor will be able to get pregnant as soon as she wishes.

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