The primary goal at AVA Clinic is to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

We have one central concern in order to achieve the best results, i.e. customer satisfaction, and that is the quality and constant improvement of our services. Our Quality Management System is therefore a key piece for AVA Clinic. For our patients it means the team’s commitment to personalizing, optimizing and satisfying the legitimate interests of those who trust us.

Quality Certification

AVA Clinic’s quality of service and dedication to its patients are made clear by our centre’s quality policy. We constantly introduce, update and monitor our protocols to ensure the best results in our fertility treatments. 

We intend to be recognized as a reference clinic for patients who search for quick solutions to fertility problems. The implementation of a Quality Management System (SGQ) according to ISO 9001:2015 standards (which is regularly audited by external official entities) was therefore a key step in the history of AVA Clinic.

This Quality Certification is not only about one specific area but focuses on all aspects of AVA Clinic’s activity:

  • Clinical procedures
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Nursing procedures
  • Procurement
  • Environmental quality
  • Suitability of facilities  
  • Safety and security
  • Staff training 

AVA Clinic’s staff is also committed to constantly improving, following and participating in scientific development through research and continuing training.   

Audits of our Quality Management System attest that our program is 100 % focused on patient interests and that methodology is directed towards achieving these goals.

AVA Clinic’s quality policy
and commitment

AVA Clinic undertakes to implement a system that guarantees its customers high-quality services and to develop mechanisms for monitoring and constantly improving it. AVA Clinic has a quality management system that abides by national and international requirements in its area.

AVA Clinic is committed to respect respect and implement all legal and regulatory requirements covering its activity and make a dedicated contribution to customer satisfaction. AVA Clinic will achieve these purposes by optimising the technical conditions that enable it to increase treatment success rates, customer satisfaction and, through this, enhance its reputation in Portugal. To this end, its employees must always have an attitude and way of working that reflect the AVA Clinic’s image and values in their professional activities, at scientific events, in society and with customers.

AVA Clinic’s employees must foster relations between different working groups in order to further improve quality, professionalism and dedication to the customer with a view to the constant improvement of the quality of service.

AVA Clinic must have a quality system that ensures the optimum operation of its services, identification of room for improvement and prepares the clinic for any legal requirements that may be imposed. This commitment must include active and innovative participation of its employees.

AVA Clinic undertakes to foster the learning and training of its professionals and introduce new, safe treatment methods.

AVA Clinic undertakes to develop mechanisms for supervising its goals and implementing improvements in identified areas.

AVA Clinic undertakes to inform its partners and suppliers of its goals and to set up and maintain a high-quality service network in order to optimise customer services and ongoing feedback.

AVA Clinic and its employees must establish mechanisms for the clinic’s sustainability and profitability aimed at its development and the improvement of its employees’ working conditions.

The ultimate aim of our quality system is to offer customers the best possible service, improve the quality of our employees and set up an integrated quality network with all suppliers. Ongoing improvement of this system is everyone’s goal and responsibility.