AVA Clinic

New Technologies

AVA Clinic is always introducing new technologies, especially in the lab, where life begins.

These technologies will allow us to give you the safety you need to trust us with your embryos and the advantage of ensuring higher success rates for your treatment.

Time-lapse technology incubators

  • Time-lapse technology incubators are state-of-the-art incubators. In addition to having the ideal conditions for cell culture, they allow in a non-invasive way, continuous monitoring and capture of images of your embryos throughout their development.
  • This technology allows our embryologists, at any time, the visualization of your embryos’ development without interrupting the embryo culture, thus avoiding exposure to potential harmful manipulation.
  • Through a detailed observation, from the time of fertilization, embryologists can identify possible changes to the normal embryo development pattern. This allows them to select the embryos with the highest implantation potential.
  • In addition to its laboratory potential, this technology also allows the recording of a video of your embryos’ development. A very special memory that you can take home after your treatment with us. This could be the first photographic record of your future child. *

* Find out with our staff about this possibility.

Electronic witnessing technology

  • The electronic witnessing system, implemented in AVA Clinic’s laboratory, is a safety guarantee for those who have to perform a medically assisted reproduction treatment in our unit.
  • The process begins with entering your personal data in our electronic system, which is confirmed with you at that point. From this stage, all your biological material will be electronically identified by this system, thus ensuring that there are no manipulation errors or any type of exchange of biological material.
  • B y using the electronic witnessing system, your biological material (eggs, sperm and embryos) will always be properly identified, allowing confirmation and tracking from the first to the last step of your treatment.